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The Basics

Deanna Tolleson


January 6, 1971

What Part You Sing: Alto/Lead
Family Info:

I have been married to Larry for 13 great years and have 3 sweet kids Zachery, Logan and Lillian

Education: I Graduated from Harding University in '94 with BBA in Accounting (Which I actually used for about 5 years before staying home full-time. Yeah!)

Sewing, scrapbooking, reading, spending lots of time
with my kids and of course singing!

Marital Status:


Random Favorites Info


Amy Grant has been my favorite since I was a teen, but these days I just get to listen to kid music like Barney and Radio Disney!

TV show(s):

I like ER -- we really don't watch too much TV unless it is sports or cartoons


It is a toss up between cinnamon and clean house smell (both at the same time is fantastic!)

Thing(s) to do on the weekends:

Family get togethers, walks in the nature center, yard work (not the hard stuff, just playing in the flower beds)

Ice Cream:

Lots of flavors, but today my favorite is probably chocolate chip cookie dough!


What are those? We don't get to see many, but I love My Fair Lady, Gone with the Wind and most romantic comedies.

Bible Verse:

I can't say that I have just one favorite passage. I turn to many different passages depending on my life circumstances. The Bible is a great source for comfort, healing and joy.

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